Clara Barton First Aid Squad Incorporated

The Clara Barton First Aid Squad was formed in 1951 to serve the needs of the growing Clara Barton neighborhood. Like the other two volunteer first aid squads in Edison, the Clara Barton First Aid Squad had it's roots in the Raritan Township Safety Council, formed in 1935.

The Squad was first housed in the Raritan Engine Co. No. 2 firehouse on Amboy Avenue. In 1961, the Squad moved to it's own building on Gross Avenue. Within a few years the expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike required the Squad to move to it's current location at the intersection of Amboy and Coolidge Avenues. In 2011, the 3 Edison Volunteer First Aid Squads formed a new non-profit parent organization, Raritan Valley Regional Emergency Medical Services (RVREMS). This was done to provide emergency medical services to our township in a more efficient manner both operationally and financially.

The Clara Barton First Aid Squad has continued to provide free ambulance service to the residents of Edison and surrounding communities since that time and is incorporated in the State of New Jersey. We operate independently and are not run under the auspices of the municipality. We are managed by a Board of Trustees comprised solely of squad members.

The main source of our income is derived from Edison residents through the annual fund drive appeal. We supplement our income throughout the year by sponsoring various fund-raising activities including coin-canning, hall usage, and corporate solicitations. Our meeting hall, which can accommodate up to 100 people, is available for a $385 usage fee which also includes access to our kitchen facility for warming and serving food. We have also been the recipient of various special donations, as well as donations from estates and memorials.

While friends and neighbors refer to us as The Clara Barton First Aid Squad, we are recognized by the township of Edison as Squad 3, primarily servicing the Clara Barton section of Edison, Edison Heights, and the Bonhamtown section. All members of the Clara Barton First Aid Squad volunteer their time as well as working fulltime jobs and having family responsibilities. Our remuneration is the great satisfaction derived from helping our neighbors by providing a viable community service. Anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to join the squad. We have two areas of volunteers - The Clara Barton First Aid Squad and The Clara Barton First Aid Squad Auxiliary. Those individuals not interested in providing first aid services can lend their support to the Auxiliary.

We need your help and support!! Donation forms and a membership application are available for download. Simply click the appropriate button on the left, print and complete the form and either mail it to us or drop it off. We always like meeting our supporters. You may also obtain hall rental information by clicking the appropriate button. For more information about our squad, membership applications or hall rentals, please call (732)225-2279.